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Birthdate:Jul 16, 1988
Location:North Carolina, United States of America
Hello! My name is Destiny. My passions are reading, writing, and of course nature. I consider myself a very open-minded and spiritual being and my goal is to find people to share my passions with. Although, I am happily married to woman of my dreams with a child on the way.(Yes, we are gay and happy to answer questions about our journey when they are presented with good intentions.)

Interests (147):

activism, adult coloring, american literature, androgyny, animals, anti-racism, anxiety, appalachia, appalachian mountains, archetypes, art, arts therapy, bears, birds, books, butterflies, camping, cats, cherry blossoms, civil liberties, coffee, consciousness, constructive criticism, coyote, daises, dancing, dark skies, daydreaming, deer, depression, difference, disney, doctor who, dogs, drag kings, dragonflies, dragons, drawing, dreams, dryads, dykes, earth, electronica, energy, environmentalism, essential oils, fairy tales, fan fiction, fantasy, feminism, feminist, fields, forests, freedom of speech, friends, frost, gardening, gay, gay rights, genderfreaks, girl scouts, goddess, guitar, handsome femininity, herstories, hiking, homosexual, honesty, humanitarian, intuition, journalist, late night conversations, laying in the grass, leaves, lesbian, lgbt, lgbt rights, liberal, libraries, lilacs, literature, living simply, love, love letters, magic, mental health awareness, metaphors, midnight, mindfulness, mountains, mystery, mystical, mythical, nature, night, open-minded, owls, pagan, passion, peace, penpals, philosophy, piano, poems, poetry, politics, pretty masculinity, progressivism, protest, queer, queer theory, queerness, rain, reading, resilience, resistance, ritual, robin williams, sarcasm, sensual, silence, singing, social justice, spirituality, starbucks, staying up late, stories, sunshine, swimming, tattoos, tattoos as spiritual expression, tea, the l word, the moon, the south, thunderstorms, trees, trust, understanding, volunteering, walking, weird, wilderness, wind, writer, writing, xena
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